Thursday, 24 April 2014

Kimono Kraze

I absolutely LOVE Kimonos!!!!

They are so versatile and look amazing with near enough anything.

My obsession came last year, when I wanted something to wear over my swimming costume and I found a beautiful silk Royal Blue one, on amazon of all places. Unfortunately that only lasted my holiday and I had to throw it away :(

However, this year it appears that Kimonos are a summer staple piece, and lots came be seen in the press worn my some of our fav celebs, so this year it was not hard to find a new one.

They can be found all over the high street (River Island have some bright and beautiful ones), but the one above I fell in love with is from Miss Guided. It is simple, delicate and the detail on it is gorgeous. I find it can be worn over the top of Maxi Dresses as a light weight cardigan, over your jeans and a tee or and how I will use it most, over my Bikini.

Why am I loving Kimonos over Bikinis??
The answer is simple, I am not confident enough to walk around in just my bikini on holiday  and a Kimono covers you up enough so that you do not feel exposed but gives your that air of being uber stylish. Put together with some chunky wedges and a straw fedora hat, you will be the babe of your hotel pool, guaranteed. You can be any shape and look gorgeous and stylish around the pool.

Cream Kimono -


River Island Kimonos -
Fedora -
Wedges -

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