Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Cambridge Diet - Losing the pounds.

I am on another quest to try and lose some pounds, the thought of looking back on my Wedding Day photos and feeling anything other than happy was out of the question. 

I have tried many ways over the years to lose weight, unsuccessfully I might add, so when hearing all the great stories about the Cambridge Diet I was sceptical. Never the less I went and met with my counsellor, Nicki, who is absolutely lovely and has been through the diet herself so she understands how hard it is and now 6 weeks into the Diet and 21 pounds lighter, I must tell you everything you hear is TRUE! 

Yes- It is VERY hard living off 400-600 calories a day
Yes - The first 4 days are horrific and you turn into a monster but it gets better!!!
Yes - My breath is as disgusting as a garbage bin (Breath Spray Helps) 
Yes - You do get very quick results (10 Pounds first week)
Yes - I do feel more energetic despite the low calories. 

I have 3 shakes a Day, a piece of chicken (oven baked) with a handful of lettuce and LOTS of water and that my friend is it. However, if you have a strong will power and a lot of determination then this could be the diet for you. The results are 100% worth the dog breath and horrible first 4 days. 

A x

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