Thursday, 24 April 2014

Lets talk about Bikinis...

The dreaded B word...

I think every single girl has a hang up about some part of their body, and we all find Bikini/Swimsuit shopping an absolutely horrific experience.

This time of the year comes round again, and if you are going on holiday then you have to expose yourself and all your hang ups to everybody around you, and this is extremely daunting.

The best piece of advice I can give you is this, get something that you feel comfortable in and not something that you necessarily think it fashionable. If you have a hang up about your tummy then don't buy low riding bikini bottoms, which will emphasise it. Have a look at Simply Beach, they have a great selection of gorgeous Swim Suits, that hold everything in and give you a fantastic shape. ( I will post a link to the Suit I have below). If you have a hang up about the tops of your legs, get a Bikini bottom with a skirt frill over it, hiding the tops of your legs.

Being comfortable in what you are wearing and what you look like, this will ease the transition and not make you feel less exposed. The worst thing is to go on holiday and the whole time feel anxious about what people think you look like. Just be comfortable!!!! 

For us girls with the tummy hang ups we have had a bit of a blessing this summer, as High Waisted swimming bottoms have become the go to Bikini Bottom of the summer. For me, this is excellent news as they suck you in like spanks and you avoid all Muffin Top dramas. This years Bikini for me consists of a Kelly Brook bikini top from New Look (I could not wear the bottom as my tummy looked awful, but I LOVED the top so I mix and matched) and a High Waisted bottom from Asos.   

These bottoms pull you in and the waist and you do not get the Muffin Top! I think this is about as good as I will look in a Bikini and I definitely will feel comfortable on Holiday.

P.S if you read the Blog on Kimonos below, you will see hear my Bikini and the Kimono together.

Please tell me about your Bikini choices!!!

A x

Cream Kimono -
Kelly Brook Top -
High Waisted Bottom -

Simply Beach Swimsuit -

Kimono Kraze

I absolutely LOVE Kimonos!!!!

They are so versatile and look amazing with near enough anything.

My obsession came last year, when I wanted something to wear over my swimming costume and I found a beautiful silk Royal Blue one, on amazon of all places. Unfortunately that only lasted my holiday and I had to throw it away :(

However, this year it appears that Kimonos are a summer staple piece, and lots came be seen in the press worn my some of our fav celebs, so this year it was not hard to find a new one.

They can be found all over the high street (River Island have some bright and beautiful ones), but the one above I fell in love with is from Miss Guided. It is simple, delicate and the detail on it is gorgeous. I find it can be worn over the top of Maxi Dresses as a light weight cardigan, over your jeans and a tee or and how I will use it most, over my Bikini.

Why am I loving Kimonos over Bikinis??
The answer is simple, I am not confident enough to walk around in just my bikini on holiday  and a Kimono covers you up enough so that you do not feel exposed but gives your that air of being uber stylish. Put together with some chunky wedges and a straw fedora hat, you will be the babe of your hotel pool, guaranteed. You can be any shape and look gorgeous and stylish around the pool.

Cream Kimono -


River Island Kimonos -
Fedora -
Wedges -

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

End of the Month Splurge!!

It is pay day on Friday but I can never wait until then to Internet browse and ultimately purchase... 

I have just had a massive splurge on Asos, BooHoo and Zara... WOOPS! 

I always find that when you have no money you can find everything you want but when you have been paid you cannot find anything, why is that??

I should receive my lovely presents in the next few days so I will upload images so soon as they arrive. 

A x

Revived Levi Shorts - Summer Must Have


I absolutely love these old Levi Jeans that have been made into shorts.

This is also another purchase I made on Ebay (see the Link below) and they were not costly at all. They did come a bit longer than I wanted so I trimmed them up a little bit more but other than that I love them!!! I would not wear these bare legged, unless I was on holiday, but with some sheer tights, an oversized T Shirt tucked in and a leather jacket, I think they would look amazing!!!

I have a few gigs coming up in May, and this will DEFO be an outfit of choice.

If you have any fashion tips with Levi Shorts, let me know.

A x

Levi Shorts - 

eBay and the Second Hand Purchase!


Now, I don't know about you guys but I could not justify spending £400/500 on a pair of shoes no matter how beautiful they make your feet look but one day at work one of my colleagues said he bought his designer shoes second hand on eBay and I couldn't help but go back to my desk and search for second hand Loubs; and there they were...

This bad boys retailed for £410 but I bid on them for an AMAZING £55.40, YES £55.40!!!!! They are in absolutely perfect condition apart from the bottom toe section, but you don't see that as it is on the floor!!

The lesson here is, if you want a designer shoe but cannot afford them brand new, EBAY ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!

A x

*These came in the box with all the official receipts, so I knew they were real. Obviously be careful you do not get a counterfeit product but if you search properly you will be able to find a gem!

Cambridge Diet - Losing the pounds.

I am on another quest to try and lose some pounds, the thought of looking back on my Wedding Day photos and feeling anything other than happy was out of the question. 

I have tried many ways over the years to lose weight, unsuccessfully I might add, so when hearing all the great stories about the Cambridge Diet I was sceptical. Never the less I went and met with my counsellor, Nicki, who is absolutely lovely and has been through the diet herself so she understands how hard it is and now 6 weeks into the Diet and 21 pounds lighter, I must tell you everything you hear is TRUE! 

Yes- It is VERY hard living off 400-600 calories a day
Yes - The first 4 days are horrific and you turn into a monster but it gets better!!!
Yes - My breath is as disgusting as a garbage bin (Breath Spray Helps) 
Yes - You do get very quick results (10 Pounds first week)
Yes - I do feel more energetic despite the low calories. 

I have 3 shakes a Day, a piece of chicken (oven baked) with a handful of lettuce and LOTS of water and that my friend is it. However, if you have a strong will power and a lot of determination then this could be the diet for you. The results are 100% worth the dog breath and horrible first 4 days. 

A x